Cigarettes For Breakfast Poster

Poster by Wes Gilbert

Cigarettes for Breakfast was a ridiculous obsession. Once production began, it developed a momentum of its own and to stop it or to abandon it before completion, I think, would have been insulting to everyone who worked on the production. Especially considering that everyone basically worked for food.

Since I had no financiers, and came to the quick realization that my quirky black and white, low-budget movie with no name actors and an under-developed screenplay was not going to be the next She’s Gotta Have It, I felt absolutely no pressure, other than from academia, to complete the film in a timely fashion. While I was ecstatic about the film being accepted to the 2008 American Black Film Festival and The Urban World Film Festival, I was not completely satisfied. The structure, the sound design, the voice over narration, all of the things that I could still manipulate and control to some extent, were elements of the film that I needed to manipulate and control further.

So, I kept tinkering. Six years after those two festival premieres, along with a considerable amount of time and money, Cigarettes for Breakfast is finally in the form that I’m satisfied with based on the quality of material I had to work with and telling the story that (through the editing process) I was able to carve from the footage. It is imperfect and rough, the exact characteristics evident in many of my favorite films, but it’s my baby and I had a helluva time making it.

Sometime this fall, Cigarettes for Breakfast will be available on-line, for free, for a limited time. Perhaps this is what it was always intended for.

The Music of Cigarettes for Breakfast

David J. White Composer for Cigarettes for Breakfast
David J. White and Edge Theory perform main theme from Cigarettes for Breakfast