List of Films

Hacked (24 min; Digital; 2013)
– Writer, Director, Editor

Solace (20 min; 16mm; 2012)
– Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Balance (15 min; Super 16mm; 2011; director: Moonsik Chung)
– Director of Photography

Disappear (10 min; 16mm; 2010)
– Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Frozen (14 min; 16mm; 2010)
– Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

SADness (4 min; 16mm; 2010)
– Writer, Director, Cinematography, Editor

Disposition (11 min; 16mm; 2010; director: Kyle Petitjean)
– Director of Photography, Camera Operator

Eden (10 min; 16mm; 2010; co-director: Sara Chambers)
– Co-Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Cigarettes for Breakfast (82 min; Super 16mm & 16mm; 2008/2014)
– Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

Kid the World (20 min; 16mm; 2007)
– Director, Producer, Cinematographer

No Faces (20 min; 16mm; 2007)
– Director, Cinematographer, Camera Operator

Tea (original title fragments) (15 min; 35mm; 2005)
– Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

Tayh (28 min; 35mm; 2003; director: Parine Jaddo)
– Cinematographer

Telefon (10 min; Super 16mm; 2001; director: Chidiki Whitley)
– Cinematographer

Kakra, Kakra (16mm; 1999; director: T.J. Vickers-Taty)
– Cinematographer

Nefertiti’s Breast (27 min; 16mm; 1999; director Reggie Mcneely)
– Cinematographer

A Thousand Days a Year (52 min; 16mm; 1999)
– Writer, Director, Editor, Producer, Cinematographer

Reflections from Exile (15 min; 16mm; 1998; director: Leslye Reaves)
– Cinematographer

I, Orrin (20 min; 35mm; 1998: director: Clarissa Cummings)
– Cinematographer

Mourning Alex (10 min; 16mm; 1998; director: Danielle Lott)
– Cinematographer

Aisha (27 min; 16mm; 1998; director: Parine Jaddo)
– Additional Cinematography

Grandma’s Hands (15 min; 16mm; 1997; director: Reggie McNeeley)
– Cinematographer

El Dorado (28 min; Super VHS; 1997; Michael Price)
– Videographer

Coffee (original title Woman and Man) (13 min; 16mm; 1996)
– Writer, Director, Editor, Producer

Emerge Into Existence (10 min; 16mm; 1995; director: Majorie Mahal)
– Cinematographer

Mind on Fire (21 min; video; 1995)
– Director, Editor, Producer

In Search of… (20 min; 16mm; 1993; director: Cliff Pulliam)
– Cinematographer

In Remembrance of Me (20 min; 16mm; 1992; director: Nick House)
– Cinematography w/Nick House

In the Flesh (14 min; 16mm; 1991)
– Writer, Director, Editor, Producer

Stages of Life (10 min; 16mm; 1991)
– Writer, Director, Editor, Producer, Cinematographer

Film Screenings

Black Harvest Film Festival (2014)
Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL

San Francisco Black Film Festival (2014)

Toledo Museum of Art Winter Ball Film Festival (2010)
Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion, Toledo, Ohio

Fifth Annual Midwest Reel Black History Month Film Festival (2010)
University of Toledo Center for Performing Arts
Cigarettes for Breakfast

6th Annual Langston Hughes African American Film Festival (2009)
The Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, Seattle, WA

12th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival (2008)
New York, NY
Cigarettes for Breakfast

12th Annual American Black Film Festival (2008)
Los Angeles, CA
Cigarettes for Breakfast

8th Annual St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase (2008)
St. Louis, MO
No Faces

Juneteenth Atlanta Film Showcase (2008)
Atlanta, GA
Tea (original title fragments)

University Film and Video Conference (2007)
University of North Texas
Kid the World: Presentation and Discussion on Collaborations with Students

University Film and Video Conference (2005)
Columbia College, Chicago

Gene Siskel Film Center Arab-American Film Festival (2004)
Chicago, IL
Tayh and Aisha

Black Visions/Silver Screen WHUT-TV (2004)
Washington, DC
Woman and Man, Stages of Life, In the Flesh, In Remembrance of Me, Mourning Alex

St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase Webster University (2002)
St. Louis, MO
A Thousand Days a Year

DC Independent Film Festival Visions DC Cinema Café (2001)
Washington, DC
A Thousand Days a Year

Studio 650 Atlantic Video (2001)
Washington, DC
A Thousand Days a Year

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts American Film Institute Theater (2000) Washington, DC
A Thousand Days a Year

Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame (1998)
San Francisco, CA
Woman and Man

5th International Student Film Festival (1996)
Tel Aviv, Israel
Woman and Man

Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum (1992)
Washington, DC
In the Flesh

European Media Art Festival (1991)
Osnabruk, Germany
Stages of Life